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” Creativity is a treasure “

In my opinion of the present brain,

The creativity means the difference of idea or concept in doing something that already presented or making something that usual become unusual.

Creative people usually describe the definition of the creativity by a simple statement that affect the human’s thinking process.

Creativity is the way that the people express their feelings.

Musician, artists, photographer, is the people who have a high creativity establishment through their work. For them, their work as a designer, musician, and artist, is the way that they express their creativity. They create something that different from other people. They create sounds, they create a picture. They have the ability to express their work because from the scientific researched, their right side brain is more working than their left side brain.

The right side brain is the brain that affect the creativity process. As you can see from the picture on the left, theres an opposite of every behaviour that effect the process of thinking. Creative people usually are not an analytical people. Imaginative people also not a logical people. Sometimes logical people don’t beleive in ghosts or other events that not supported by facts. The imaginative people sometimes can beleive things without the facts.

The side of the brain that affect the human creativity is not just the right side of the brain. As you can see, the picture below describes the other structure that affect the process of thingking in creativity.


Most of people know that the right brain is the brain that provides the creativity thinking. The forehead also participate in the creative thinking process. It is called the frontal lobe (yellow color).

According to Steve Jobs opinion, creativity means connecting things. The more humans have enough dots to connect, the more they solve the problem without the linear solution. “The broader one’s understanding of the human experience, the better designs we will have.”

Most of people work really hard to get the achievement of the creativity.

Why would the people work hard on it?

Why would the people want to achieve it?

Is it for a pride?

Is it for a reward?

Is it to change the global thinking of the people that live in the earth?

in conclusion, why creativity is important?

In my experience, people tend to be honored if they done something differently with the other people even though the outcome is not as good as the common things.

Just like doing this blog, many people from the writer’s class did the same thing. There are internets also the websites that can rapidly fast to find the information that we want. People don’t want their work to be similar to the others, they want to prove that they have the style and original idea of making it. Just like Steve Jobbs did about the apple ipod. It was the pioneer of the mp3 player. In my opinion, the other products has been created the different type but very similar to apple.

Just like when we want to solve our problems, when we always thinking the problems only have one or two ways to solve it. If you thing that so , you are wrong. From the experienced of myself, One time I have to solve an analytical answer of Economic Issues in the global world. My mistake is when I saw my friend’s answer. First, I just want to see the example of the answers. But sadly, the example of my friend’s answer made me think of the answer all the time. So when I want to give my original idea of explanation, there are CONSTRAINTS that give a limitation on the process of thinking. So from that time when I want to do something, I tried not to look on the other’s. Because I want my answers to be BOLD by myself not because of the example.

In other point of creativity, Creativity improve our brain stimulation because by creative thinking, people were forced to think more and more and more and more and more and more…..there will be no limit of the creativity thinking. Commonly, creative idea established when we not thinking of it. In my point of view, There are factors that develop the creativity thinking process. The factors are like environment (people, weather) and personal feelings. There are people who can stimulate the creativity when they are feeling depressed and there also people who can stimulate the creativity when they are feeling happy. As you know musicians and writers are the people who commonly have the problems with their brain (mental) and end up by killing themselves (example:Van Goh-the artist-painter) or abuse to drugs. But despite of that, many successful people who still performing because of their creativity (Steve Jobs). So creativity is really important for us. Without it we can not create new idea. We can not solve our problems. We can not be the pioneer of the “things”.

Even though we think that we are not creative, we still can doing things that other people not sure can do it exactly by us. So stop about thinking that we are not creative.

We are all human, we inhale the same air, we have to pee, we have to drink.

If there is one people who make the innovation come into the world.

Why we can’t? We have to believe ourself. We have to believe that there is a treasure inside of every humans brain.


Thas is the prove that creativity can be a serious benefits for all the people. The treasure.



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